Sunday, November 2, 2008

T minus 1 Day, 11 Hours, 2 minutes with the seconds counting down. . .

I post my Going Green Mom blogs over at on Sunday nights or Monday mornings, so please check it out! This week I'm commenting on the election. Over there, I am not so apt to say that I am a big-time supporter of the Democratic Party and will be casting my vote for Senators Obama & Biden come Tuesday because I really do try to be respectful of everyone's political opinions and views. However, Schmoops has said that, from time to time, I get a little. . .um, "passionate." And so in the spirit of friendship (and not peeving any of the other 918moms off), I am attempting to be bipartisan.
I believe in Senator Obama and feel that he is the absolute best candidate!! I also think that God forbid something should happen to him, our country would be left in the very capable hands of Senator Joe Biden. But like I said, passion aside. . .I pray that all of you out there will brave these last hours of politcal mud-slinging, stand in the long lines on Tuesday, and exercise your Constitutional right to VOTE!!!!!

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