Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bad Mommy Award

Well, my last post was kind of lame. . .oh whoa is me, the working mom. Instead of throwing my own personal pity party, I should have been showing you some pics of darling Bubs from all of our super fun Halloween activities! So here goes, mateys!!

This is a pic of Nannie, Me and Bubs at the ECC Parade!

Here's Schmoops and Bubs at the ECC Fall Festival. You can barely see the scary spider tat that Bubs got on his face. . .that he DID NOT want to wash off!!!

If I get any say in Bub's future wife. . .it will be Heidi Bug!!! Love her, love her mom, and don't they make a smashing couple.

This is Bub's friend Chloe as Batgirl. She is such a sweetie and her brother was the ever popular Red Power Ranger that Bubs is now fantisizing about due to our football party at the Ashley's house (thanks, guys!).

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