Monday, May 17, 2010

I'd like to thank the Academy, God, my family and friends. . .

Oh, sorry. . .while I am rather dramatic, I did not receive an Academy Award. . .I got something better!  My 1st Blogger Award -- The Versatile Blogger!!!  I am so excited that my friend Ms. Wendy over at Running on MMT awarded me this award.  I am very honored!  I can't remember how I found Wendy's blog, but we have fast become bloggy friends and I love reading her posts.  We also have alot in common. . .we're moms, we're runners, we're reality TV junkies, we're totally fabulous, AND WE ARE BOTH VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD WINNERS!!  :)

There are a few rules along with this award in order to "officially" add the fancy award badge to my blog!

I'll call this Rule 1a - Post the rules so whomever I nominate knows what they need to do!

Rule 1 - Say thank you!   Thank you, thank you, thank you Ms. Wendy!!!!  I was so thrilled to see that YOU got an award when I looked at my blog roll this morning that I opened that post FIRST. . .imagine how SUPRISED and THRILLED that MY NAME was listed as one of the people you nominated.  I am still so excited that I am having trouble typing this.  So THANK YOU!!!  You have absolutely made my day!!!!

Rule 2 - Share seven fun facts about yourself!

1.  I absolutely love love love coffee!!!  Honestly, I am not sure I could function without it.  I don't know how or when the obsession started and it might be directly attributed to my college boyfriend who loved to go over to Columbia, Missouri and hang out at the hippie coffee shops and philosophize. . .yes, I was entranced.  I actually got hooked on Chai Tea. . .then Mochas. . .then Vanilla Lattes (which I still love once in a while). . .and now I just go straight for the hard stuff straight up!  My hubby got me a Keurig coffee maker for absolutely no reason and I love it.  You can get any types of coffee you like in little pods and make a cup. . .or 6. . .all for little old me!

2.  I am so freakin' tired today I can't even express it!  Sometimes I like to surprise my husband with little treats that I know he will love even if it is not something that I would particularly choose.  One of those things is going to concerts.  So....a while back we attended the Nickelback concert at the BOK Center, but the band Schmoops really wanted to see was The Sick Puppies.  Hmmmm. . .I know, but stick with me.  Well, they just so happened to be the opening-opening-opening band (before Shinedown, Breaking Benjamin and then finally Nickelback).  Well, our babysitter was running a little late and we didn't get down to the arena right at 6:30 when the tickets said it started. . .we got there at 6:40. . .and The Sick Puppies were OVER!  Literally, I thought Schmoops might cry. . .he certainly pouted. . .and I could tell that the rest of the concert was a letdown (as it was for me but that is a totally different story because let's be reminded that I went FOR HIM).  Enter my "Bright Idea of the Day" also known as things that sound great at the time but in reality are not very well thought out.  So after the Nickelback concert debacle, I got on the internet and found out that The Sick Puppies were playing last night in Fayetteville, a short jaunt from our home.  So I ordered up some tickets, asked mom to watch the kids and off we went.  Now Fayetteville IS a short jaunt at 2 in the afternoon when you are driving over. . .at 2 in the morning when you are driving home. . .not so much.  Ugh. (See #1 above. . .it will be my life source today!)

3.  As you might have guessed from reading my blog, I long to be a Stay At Home Mom and Housewife.  We have a plan. . .it is coming. . .I can't wait.  Until then, um, I really really really hate working.  :(

4.  Re: work. . .the dude that walks down the hallway whistling and humming all day long. . .UGH. . .SO ANNOYING!  I can appreciate happiness and I love it that he must have such a joyful life, but seriously.  We have cubes.  It is not quiet on a good day when everyone is working.  Do we need another distraction???

5.  I am a closet rap music lover.  I know, I know. . .it is hard to believe.  And I am not talking about the ones that cuss more than anything else or where they talk about raping, pillaging and killing.  But I gotta say that I love me some Ludacris, Jay Z and a bunch of guys that they play on the radio that I don't even know their name but when their songs come on and I have the sunroof open, I could not be in a better mood!  Seriously.  Please note that I do not listen to rap music with my kids in the car and I have also come to the realization that most parents at my kids' school do not understand my appreciation for this genre of music, so I make sure to turn it down when I hit the main street leading to the school!

6.  I miss my grandma EVERY.  SINGLE.  DAY.  It has been 12 years since she died.  Everyone says it gets easier with time.  I guess.  "Manaw" was the most awesome individual to me in the entire universe.  I loved her so much. . .still love her so much.  It kills me that she never saw me get married (she did get to meet Schmoops since we were friends in high school), that she didn't see me become a mother, that I can't call her and tell her that I am so tired and will she make me some hot chocolate.  I don't know why I just told you guys that. . .I'm not sure if it is a "fun fact". . .but it was on my mind.

7.  This is the last one, I better make it a good one.  Like Ms. Wendy. . .I am the LUCKIEST girl in the world!!!  I am married to my very best friend and soul mate.  It took us a long time to get together but it was definitely worth the wait.  And I have the two most AMAZING kids in the entire world!  My family is everything I ever dreamed of and so much more.  I am truly happy. . .and sadly, I'm not sure how many people can say that in the world today.  I wish everyone half as much love as I have and surely their cups would runneth over!!!


Okay, back to the rules. . .

Rule 3 - Copy and paste the picture of the award at the top of my post and add it to your sidebar so all your bloggy friends know you received it and someone thinks you are special. For good measure you can thank me for giving it to you!

Rule 4 - Pass this award onto other bloggy friends who I think are pretty special!  GLADLY!!!

All Things Cake  (not currently updated, but a good friend of mine/cousin who I think is AMAZING!!)

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Green Momma (one of the inspiration sites for me on my own going green journey)

The Ladies of the RHOK at their individual sites which I have come to read and love:
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Geez. . .I follow so many super fabulous blogs that there are TONS more, I assure you!!!

Thanks again, Wendy, for the great honor and happy blogging to all!!  XOXO


Dawn said...

aww... thank you! I have really enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. I hope to meet you at a future RHOK Out!

I LOVE coffee and miss my grandmother daily. She's been gone 22 years now. It doesn't seem possible that so much time as already gone by. It saddens me that she never got to meet my girls. She made such an impact on my life. Geez, now I'm crying just thinking about her.

What a sweet gift you gave your husband. I hope your able to get some rest!

Happy Monday! Thanks for playing along today.

~Mrs. Albright

Beth said...

I hate the way the ride home always seems so much longer when all you want is to be home in bed. But just think of all the brownie points you racked up! :) Very sweet gift!

Congrats on your award and wishing blessings on your plan to be home!

Alyssa: said...

Congrats on your award!!!

Hang in there on the stay-at-home mommy thing. It took us a couples years to work it out, but now I'm at home and love it...I totally know how you feel about hating working. Just hang in there--your glorious day is coming soon!!!!

Wendy @RunningonMTT said...

Your little thing though you wrote runningonMMT instead of MTT! LOL! I will forgive you and blame it on your sleepyiness! LOL!

I love Nickelback so I would have loved that concert but can understand the let down and feeling bad since he missed his band.

Ok -- drum roll please -- I am a rap lover too, well mainly because hubby is the original gangster and got me hooked on all kinds of rap, yes even the bad rap in the late 80's early 90's where every other word was a f bomb!!! My favs from back in the day are Posse's on Broadway and Buttermilk Bisquits by sir mix a lot! But I have a lot that I love! The beat just gets you jumping! I now have a 9 yr old that is following dads footsteps but we download the clean version for his ipod! :O)

And that whistling guy needs to get a leg thrown out in front of him so he trips and his good mood goes out the window!

Kellyology said...

Awww thanks man! I didn't know you went to school near Columbia. I was born there and my brother lives there now. Do you have any tips on good coffee places, providing they're still there?

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