Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy about Thankful Thursday!

I'm going to shake things up a bit today and link up with MannLand5 for my "Thankful Thursday".  (I'm not "meme-hopping", but it looks like The Outdoor Wife might be taking a little break. . .)  So here goes. . .

Today's the day to post 5 things that have made us







Just plain ol' happy (of THANKFUL) this week!

Once you do that..go visit Keely and and link up.

My Five..

1.  I never thought I would say this, but I am super thankful for CUCUMBERS!!!  If you close one eye and stand on your left food and in your dieting mind pretend really really hard, they are surprising good as a substitute for CHIPS!!!!  These long green friends cut into slices are certainly helping me stay on my diet.

2.  I am thankful for my camera phone so that I can send my hubby pics of our kids when he is out of town and make him smile. . .gosh I love that smile!!  Today I actually sent him a picture of my lunch so he would feel sorry for me that I am living on rabbit food so I will look ultra hot for his friend's wedding next month! ;)-

3.  I am thankful that no one I know was hurt during the tornadoes that have been descending all across our State.  I have a good many friends that live down the turnpike from me and they tend to get it worse than we do in Green Country.  Continued prayers for everyone during the Spring and Summer months when this type of atmospheric activity is at its worst.  (P.S.  I wish I had gotten a picture of me and my kiddos SLEEPING in the closet last night as the tornado sirens repeatedly went off.  Obviously if I was asleep as well there wasn't much picture taking.  I guess my back started hurting and I woke up at 12:30 a.m. and took everyone to their beds!)

4.  I am thankful that I have lost 4 lbs so far so I know that I am not dieting and exercising for nothing!  Isn't that so discouraging when you try and try to "be good" and you step on the scale to see the SAME OLD NUMBER???  It's nice to debit something other than my bank account!

5.  Bubs and Busy would like me to extend their thankfulness that Daddy is coming home tomorrow!!!  Um, yes, they love me. . .but Daddy brings presents AND never disciplines!

As a post script, I'll add two more things since I typically do 7 thankful thoughts. . .

6.  I am very thankful that so many of Bubs' friends can come to his IRON MAN birthday party on Sunday.  It should be a blast and he is beyond thrilled that the countdown is nearing to an end.

7.  Somewhat thankful (and somewhat that time keeps marching on at such a fast pace) that Busy is now standing all by herself.  I know that the first step isn't too far beyond.  Then WATCH OUT WORLD!!!


Mrs. Howell said...

P.S. I am SUPER DUPER thankful that tomorrow is FRIDAY too!!

Dawn said...

Enjoyed your list!

I hear ya on the dieting. I swear my stomach has been in a constant grumble for five days. I wish the weight would fall off faster though. Ugh! I guess if I'd actually go exercise, it might! Maybe I'll go to the gym in the morning. Thanks for the inspiration.

Kate said...

Congrats on the dieting and losing weight! That can be hard work!

MannMom3 said...

I love cucumbers and so does my 19 month old!

Yay for Daddy's coming home and bringing husband does that too when he's gone..

THanks for playing, your list was great!

Happy Thursday!

Heather said...

Sugar snap peas work well as a chip substitute too!
Nice to meet you.

Alyssa: said...

Ditto on the peas--I eat snow peas straight out of the bag (well, I wash them first), not as good as a Dorito, but I'm not complaining. Great job on the 4 lbs!! That's great!

Oh--I think we maybe have a mutual friend--Nikki McGooden?? Do you know her?

Mom Mayhem says: said...

Great list! I'm also glad that everyone is safe from the tornadoes. And Mmmm -I like cucumbers :)

Katie's Journey said...

I love cucumbers!!! Yeah for losing 4 pounds, that is wonderful!!! the weather has been so crazy lately here where I am located in Texas. Glad to know all are safe around you as well.

Joshlin said...

I love cucumbers! I can't wait to get some of those home grown ones at the farmers market!!! A diet though:( I need one of those, but keep putting it off. Good luck with yours though. I may start one on Monday. Or not. Who knows. I hope Bubs has a good birthday.

Happy birthday Bubs!!!!

Have a blessed week with your family!

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