Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mommy's Night Out

I posted this over on my blog.  I am the Going Green Mom blogger over there.  I have been doing that for a while now.  Sometimes I'm GREEN. . .sometimes I SPEND GREEN. . .and sometimes I just talk about this and that.  Anyway, I thought what the hay. . .I'll toss it up over here too!  I don't think I have a lot of "cross over" readership at this point!

I wish I had taken my camera on my Mommy's Night Out because #1 I don't get out too much and #2 I really did just have this super fabulous time with some new Mommy friends.  I felt so grown up!

(Note to self, that pink thing with the flash bulb that you got for Christmas. . .it stays in your purse so that you can get some shots of few and far between fun times. . .oh, and extra pics of the kids too!!!)

So here goes:

"Going Green Mom’s Sushi Night Out, Take One. . .

Okay, I tried to post this a week or so ago but my brain and Wordpress were not being compatible. . .so the referenced dates are a little off (and I have had my night out #2 by now). . .but it is still a fun little story and a good recommendation for you sushi lovers!!! And, Marathon Mom, no smelt roe was harmed in the writing of this blog!

PLEASE NOTE: The Food and Drug Administration advises that eating raw or undercooked meat, poultry, eggs or seafood poses a health risk to everyone (especially the elderly, young children under age 4, pregnant women and other highly susceptible individuals with compromised immune systems). Thorough cooking of foods reduces the risk of illness. Further, guidelines for children, women who are pregnant and women who are trying to become pregnant state that no more than 12 oz of low mercury fish should be consumed weekly. “Highest” mercury fish should be avoided and “high” mercury fish should be kept to only three 6-oz servings per month. Tuna is most commonly linked to high levels of mercury.

As we all know, fish in itself is a great source of protein and has many health benefits; sushi is a way of eating fish that can be very beneficial to your health. Let’s lay out the facts: 1. high in Omega-3 fats (which are “good fats” – yes, there are GOOD FATS!); 2. protects the nervous system in addition to providing Vitamin D and other proteins; 3. Omega-3 fats have been shown to help with depression; 4. keeps your blood sugar levels at a healthy range; 5. boosts the immune system; and 6. lowers your overall cholesterol.

I’m not a doctor (I just play one on TV. . .well, not really); but I do know a thing or two about making myself happy and let me tell ya, I did just that on Friday night. . .

My kids’ school has become a mommy playground for me. I can’t tell you how many wonderful friends I have made just in the daily comings and goings. “Hi” turns into “haven’t seen you for a few days, everything okay?” to “how about a play date this weekend” to “I work downtown too, we should have lunch”. . .to finally the holy grail of mommyhood. . .”how about a Girls Night Out?”

So off I went to Flying Fish with Stacy (aka T’s mom) and Melissa (aka P & B’s mom). . .

I will preface this by saying that I am a VERY discriminating sushi eater and frankly never stray too far from In the Raw. I love them, love their food, and think the funky atmosphere is incredible. I also appreciate my dear old friend, Dani, as the excellent waitress that she is and always takes care of me and the numerous friends, clients and sushi virgins that I have taken to the Brookside location. (I don’t know the owners at ITR and I do not get free food at ITR, never have, probably never will; so I promise you that when I say it’s good. . .it’s ‘cause it’s THAT GOOD!!)

But back to my story. . .the agenda for Friday night included trying out the Flying Fish Sushi Bar and Restaurant, highly recommended by Melissa. I’m not sure where I have been for the last year because Flying Fish is not new. But considering I wasn’t really eating sushi for 9 months last year (Dani, never tell ANYONE how often I was at ITR per the warning to pregnant ladies above) I’m guessing that is why I am so behind the times!

Flying Fish is a family business owned and operated by Nha (aka the dad — coming off a 30 year stint in corporate America) and David (aka the son — who had been managing restaurants for 20 years). Nha and David shared a dream of having their own restaurant. They also happen to live in and love Tulsa! So they embarked on their dream with one goal: “create simple, authentic and great tasting Asian cuisine with only the finest ingredients available.” Gentlemen, this 918Mom thinks you are a success! (I don’t know Nha and David Le and I did not get my meal for free, don’t plan on eating there free; so I promise what you are about to read is ‘cause it’s THAT GOOD!)

Flying Fish is located at 10846 S. Memorial; but please don’t frown on the location (let’s hear it for south Tulsa!!). From the outside it appears to be your normal everyday strip mall storefront. But this casual dining room offers a busy atmosphere that makes you feel like you might be tucked away in a hip NY spot. The place was packed by 7:00 p.m. and there were a ton of people in and out for pick up orders too!

After looking over the extensive menu which also includes cooked (or as my mom says “real”) food; I, of course, decided on sushi. Our table ordered a mix. And our waiter, Tien (totally fabulous!!), was very knowledgeable of the menu and handled our substitution requests with no problem. I had the Huy Roll and the Disco Shrimp Roll while my dining companions each had an Anthony Roll plus a Kristin Roll and a Leyna Roll. I am literally DREAMING of that Disco Shrimp Roll with all of its tasty goodness. . .you’ve heard of Better Than s-e-x Chocolate Cake (sorry, we spell and/or whisper certain words at our house); well, ladies meet the sushi version! Snow crab, fried shrimp, avocado and spicy sauce rolled in masago; topped with shrimp and scallops baked in a (GGM edit “to-die-for”) garlic butter sauce. (Just for clarification, my mom would NOT consider this “real” food as she would never get past the masago; but she’s missing out so we’ll move on!).

Hands down, Friday night was one of the best dining experiences I have had in a while. The company was, of course, wonderful! (The absence of little people – and husbands – may have helped too. . .HA!) The food is extremely fresh; and there’s a large enough variety that even people who don’t like sushi will find something (maybe not my mom). Prices were affordable for the great quality you get. Again, Tien provided fantastic service, and whoever was behind the sushi bar provided even more fantastic food! I can’t wait to go back for “The Chucky” salad (a “customer creation”, how cool is that!?), the asparagus beef, and the Super Dave and Break Up rolls. In fact, I’m headed back this Saturday night with my hubby who has also been missing out on this fabulous place (aka Going Green Mom’s Sushi Night Out, Take Two – thanks to said sushi-hating mom for watching my kids!).

My only complaint. . .Nha and Daniel, my Pokes will eat SOONERS for lunch any day of the week. . .but where’s the COWBOY ROLL?!?!?!"


Baloney said...

Come join the RHOK next week for RHOK out! I'm on a mission to start getting out with the girls more. Think I've been locked up in the house with these boys too much this winter. :)

Mrs. Howell said...

I am going to try to come! It sounds so fun!! And I love love love that it is a SOUTH Tulsa activity! :)

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