Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Pirate Fairy

Nannie has a double life. She has the life here in the real world with us. . .and she has another life online. I have to say that as her only daughter (only child period!) I was a little leary (jealous?) of these strangers I don't know, have never met, will never meet as they live who knows where and basically exist virtually. For that matter, it is highly unlikely that Nannie will ever meet these people that she is now calling her friends -- now there IS a conference where these book readers (it's an author's site, so I suppose I shouldn't be TOO worried). So I admit that I may have given Nannie a certain amount of crap about her other state of reality. . .and as is par for the course in my life this week, now I must eat my words!

With Halloween approaching, Nan has been "talking" (on the Boards where she met these friends) about her favorite little man, Bubs, and all of the fun trick or treating activities he has coming up. Bubs is supposed to be a pirate for Halloween, but if you ask him he will tell you that he is going to be Batman or Spiderman. (This late in the game, there are no small-size Batmans or Spidermans, the pirate costume is purchased, was EXPENSIVE and IS going to be worn, I assure you!) So the other night Nannie tells me that "Ginger" has sent Bubs a pirate mask and some lollipop covers -- cute little gobblins that will hold Bub's Halloween suckers. They are the cutest things. . .expertly done too! The mask is a pirate face fully stitched and with a monogrammed eye patch. The mask is incredible, but the sentiment behind it was even more beautiful. It really touched Nannie's heart (and, of course, Bubs loved it). Ginger, thank you so much!!


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throughtheeyesofautism said...

WOW! That mask is A-MAZE-ING!!!! I'm so green (tee hee) with envy, that is.

Thanks so much for putting me on your "honor" roll. Totally appreciate it (sooooooo returned the favor).

Keep up the green work. (tee hee again)

Live well!

Your bloggin' buddy (Eco Goddess),


Author/Autism Activist

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