Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy HalloGREEN - my regular 918moms.com blog

When we think of Halloween, we probably think of ORANGE and BLACK (well, some of us think of these gorgeous colors all year long. . .football season, basketball season, baseball season, soccer season. . .and YES, I STILL LOVE MY ‘BOYS EVEN AFTER THIS WEEKEND!!!!). However, this year, I’m trying to incorporate at least a little GREEN into my Halloween.

Last year I took a step towards greening up Halloween without even knowing it by purchasing a reusable treat bag for my son and my cousin’s daughter too! Sadly, that was before I started consciously greening up, so it didn’t come from a super earth-friendly store, but it is reusable for years to come nonetheless! My friends over at organic.org actually give this tip regarding treat bags: Use a pillowcase or cloth shopping bag or make a simple loot bag using recycled materials. No need to run out and buy a plastic loot bag, which will be discarded after a single use. Remind your children to dispose of their candy wrappers in their bags or in trash cans rather than on the street.

Another step taken towards greening up my Halloween that I didn’t realize (and I bet you haven’t realized it in your own home) is using the same decorations year after year. I have a lovely wreath that my mom made for me several years ago (I’ll probably have to post about this at the holidays too because she made me a wreath for December as well!). I always love getting it out because it makes me happy to see how creative and talented Going Green Grandma is. Little did either of us know that we were participating in a recycling of sorts! I also love to get out my candy basket year after year. . .it holds loads of treats. . .or one big one (see pic!).

Speaking of treats. . .who doesn’t enjoy a good treat on Halloween or any day for that matter. . .give me some chocolate and see one happy woman! In my quest for greening up Halloween, I found some suggestions about treats from another great website. How about passing out healthy and green Halloween treats. Organic Halloween treats such as whole grain pretzels, honey sticks, healthy snack bars, mini organic cookie packs, sunflower seeds, fruit roll ups, or 100% juice boxes would be appreciated by kids and parents alike! You also may want to consider those little ones with allergies when you pick out your Halloween goodies. Choosing treats without nuts, preservatives, or artificial colorings will keep everyone safe AND green!

A new tip that I found this year is to burn beeswax or soy candles in your pumpkins or however you use them with your Halloween decor. Apparently, normal old household candles can be petroleum based. Pure beeswax or soy candles are easier on the environment, and the natural smell won’t run your out of the room! I had heard that these earth-friendly candles are more expensive and they are; however, they do claim to burn longer (I’ll have to let you know about that after the holiday since I haven’t burned any candles yet).

And finally a few words about costumes. I am seriously lacking in this department, I admit it. I bought my son TWO costumes for his 1st Halloween — a super cute skeleton sweatsuit AND a scarecrow for picture purposes. I also bought two costumes last year (sigh). Now last year was a different issue. I purchased a pirate costume, but it ended up to be too big so at the last minute I had to buy another costume for the Jr. League Trunk or Treat. I have recently somewhat redeemed myself by donating the 2nd costume to my son’s school for the dress up bin because there are so few boy dress up items. And thankfully the pirate costume fits this year so that is what he is going wear (even though if you ask him what he is going to be he will say either Batman or Spiderman). This counts as “recycling”, right? For more way better ideas on homemade Halloween costumes, check out some fab ideas from throughout the 918.
Happy HalloGREEN my little witches, goblins, ghosts and monsters! (As a mom, I feel that I should also say don’t eat so much candy that you get a tummy ache AND don’t forget to brush your teeth!)


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