Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thankful Thursday Five!

Today's the day to post 5 things that have made us







Just plain ol' happy (of THANKFUL) this week!

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My Five...

1.  As always, super duper thankful for my AMAZING kiddos who brighten my day EVERY DAY!!!  I love them more than I could ever express!!!

2.  Also, it is too bad that sad/tough times often remind us to really appreciate those that love us. . .I am SO thankful for my INCREDIBLE husband who is SO supportive and loves me so much that sometimes I have a hard time believing it.  We don't have a lot of help in our lives so we struggle sometimes to make everything work with both of our jobs and the kids and his travels for work.  But somehow we make it and he truly does go above and beyond in the love, understanding, and support departments!!!

3.  On that same note, I am reminded these days that I have some FABULOUS friends who have been so supportive and helpful to me that I don't know how I would make it without them.  Even when I "fall off the grid" with stuff that has come up and responsibilities I have, all I have to do is call any one of them and they are there to help!

4.  I am thankful that although I definitely do not like dieting, I am finding success this time -- 10 lbs down!  :)  And I am noticing that I am alot more conscious of what is going in my mouth these days.  I typically just yo-yo diet to get where I want to be for a certain event or something.  That is how this diet started, but it has turned into be really giving thought to what I am doing.  Hopefully it will be a lifestyle change!

5.  Oh. . .don't want to forget that I am tremendously thankful for above-mentioned fabulous friend for inviting me to a Beth Moore Bible Study course that started last night.  It was just the introduction night, but I could already tell that it is going to be amazing and the small group is a bunch of interesting and phenomenal wives and mothers.  So excited for the next 7 weeks!!!


Le Chateau des fleurs said...

Being Thankful is a good thing...My family is surely my biggest blessing, the rest is not that important :)
Thank you for following my blog. Following you back. Cute family and cute blog.

Mommy's Sippy Cup said...

Great list! Your family is so beautiful :)

Alyssa: said...

Oh! Beth Moore bible studies are great! I've done a couple and they are life changing!! I so hope you enjoy your next 7 weeks--I know you will!
I love your Thankful Thursday list! Aren't friends the best??
Happy Weekend!!

shortmama said...

I think I could have written the same thing!

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